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        Mobile Actuator Sensor Networks


Mobile Actuator and Sensor Network (MAS-net) is a project that adds node mobility and closed-loop control concept into the field of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).  A new robot design (MAS-mote) acting as a sensory and/or actuating node with mobility is built for the project. The MAS-net project tries to use these mobile MAS-motes to model and ultimately control a diffusion process.



The result of the MAS-net project can contribute in anti-terrorism and environment protection. Chemical, biological, Radial, and Nuclear (CBRN) weapons are considered the next potential threat to the society. While special knowledge is needed, they can be cheap to produce. Smuggling them into a country is even easier. Unlike conventional explosive weapons, CBRN weapons are applicable to broader facilities such as food storage, river or just somewhere upwind to a city and they can cause a lot more devastating damage than explosive weapons. On the other hand, oil leakage caused by a crash of a oil tanker can cause catastrophic damage to the environment. This kind of damage is usually very difficult to recover.

The MAS-net project can contribute to three aspects of these problems:

1. the diffusion boundary determination by mobile wireless sensor network,

2. diffusion boundary prediction based on current diffusion boundary, and

3. zone controlling by mobile robots with actuators (for example, chemical neutralizers).







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